Ram Promaster Lift Kit Options

Ram Promaster Lift Kit Options

Looking for more ground clearance for your Promaster? Here is a list of all the Ram Promaster Lift Kit options currently on the market.

All of these kits will allow you to run larger tires which will give you an additional 0.5" of ground clearance (245/75R16) with some minor fender trimming. 

These lift kits will fit any Dodge Ram Promaster 1500, 2500, 3500, or RV on a Dodge Ram Promaster chassis. These will not fit the Dodge Ram Promaster City, unfortunately.

We do offer installation of all of the following Ram Promaster lift kits at our shop in Denver, Colorado. Feel free to reach out to us for an estimate or with any questions!


Trends We See In Our Shop

We have lifted over 200 Ram Promasters in the last couple of years and this is what we have heard from our customers. 

Between the 1.5", 2", and 3" Promaster lift kits, we install 90% of the 3" kits. Customers who choose the 1.5" kit are usually concerned about premature CV axle wear and failure due to the increased angle at both joints due to the higher lift. 

None of our customers (that we know of) have had a CV axle failure due to the increased angle of either kit.

For the 3" kits, both the Journeys Offroad 3" Promaster Lift Kit and Off Highway Vans 3" Lift Kit are both excellent quality and approach the lift in the same fashion.

With all these lift kits, we recommend upgrading the factory OEM struts to Bilstein B6 for the front and either the Bilstein B6 or Agile Offroad Fox Shocks for the rear for improved ride smoothness and stability.

We also recommend adding Sumo Springs in the rear and removing any Sumo Springs in the front to help reduce the front CV axle.

Ram Promaster Lift Kit Options 

Off Highway Vans 3" Promaster Lift Kit

Off Highway Vans 3" Promaster Lift Kit - $1,845

Purchase Here

The original 3" lift kit for the Ram Promaster. Will give you more clearance than the 1.5" kits and raises the rear axle as well. 

Instead of using blocks between the leaf springs and axle, it uses adapter plates that bolt between the wheel spindles and axle. It does push the CV axle higher than the 1.5" lift kit which can put more stress and lead to premature failures.

OHV has made an effort lately to improve its customer service and help with installation questions.

Link to Manufacturer

 Journeys Offroad 3" Lift Kit

Journeys Offroad 3" Promaster Lift Kit - $1,190

Purchase Here

Essentially identical to the Off Highway Vans 3" Promaster Lift Kit. The only difference is that their spring compressor (which helps with installation) uses beafier all threads which have fewer problems with seizing during use.

Link to Manufacturer

 Journeys Offroad 2" Promaster Lift Kit

Journeys Offroad 2" Promaster Lift Kit - $1,190

Purchase Here

(3" lift kit pictured)

The rear of this lift kit is identical to Journeys 3" Promaster lift kit but includes smaller lift strut spacers for the front. This is a good option for customers who want more clearance underneath their rear axle but less stress on their front CV axles.

This kit will give the van a slight rake (the rear of the van being higher than the front).

Link to Manufacturer

 Van Compass 1.5" Promaster Complete Lift Kit

Van Compass Complete 1.5" Promaster Lift Kit - $624.75

Purchase Here

(Van Compass 1.5" Leveling Kit Pictures. Complete will raise the rear an additional 1")

This kit will give the van a slight rake (front lower than the rear). Will give you 1.5" of lift from the chassis to the ground. The rear axle will stay at the same distance from the ground since to lift the rear blocks are put in between the axle and leaf springs. 

Link to Manufacturer


Van Compass 1.5" Promaster Complete Lift Kit

Van Compass 1.5" Promaster Leveling Kit - $341.25

Purchase Here

This kit will raise the front of the Promaster so it sits at the same level as the rear. You will get around 1.5" of clearance from the lowest point at the front of the van. The rear clearance will remain the same. 

 Link to Manufacturer

If you have any questions or thoughts about which lift kit is right for your Ram Promaster, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have. 


  • Juggernaut USA

    @RICK – The Fox shocks will work from stock height up to 3" lifts. It has a longer extendable length than the Bilsteins and OEM shocks.

    @CALVIN – The only success we have had with lifting the newer vans is to install the 1.5" lift from Van Compass. We upgrade the shocks with Bilsteins and add rear Sumo Springs to help with stability. With this setup, our customers have not encountered the traction control freak outs that happen with the higher lift kits.

  • Rick

    If I get the 3" lift on a 21 Promaster chassis, from either OHV or Journeysoffroad can I still put the Agile Fox 2.0 shocks on? Your documentation says they are only good for a 1" lift, but in this case it seems like the method that is used with the plate keeps the distance between the frame and the shock attach point the same. I’m guessing. Can you elaborate? Are the struts and shocks OEM sizes with the 3" lift and will the Fox work? Thanks

  • Calvin Yarbrough

    I am having a 2023 Ram Promaster 159 Wheel Base Extended Length High Roof Van built out as an Off-Grid Camper Van. I’ve have been told that there is not yet a Lift Kit Solution for the 2023 – 2024 Ram Promaster Vans due to their new style with various sensors. Is this true, or do you have a permanent Lift Solution for the newer Ram Promasters?

  • Juggernaut USA

    @MICAHEL – We prefer the Fox 2.0. Made the ride super smooth and supple.

  • Michael McKie

    I own a 2022 RV on a 21 ProMaster chassis. I have Sumos and the helper springs on the rear. Since you have seen it all… Do you prefer Bilstein B6 or Agile Fox 2.0 shocks on the rear?

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