Enhancing Off-Road Performance: Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Installation at Juggernaut USA

Enhancing Off-Road Performance: Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Installation at Juggernaut USA

At Juggernaut USA, Denver's premier 4x4 shop, we're dedicated to upgrading vehicles to meet the highest standards of off-road performance and comfort. Our latest project involved a comprehensive installation of the Carli Backcountry leveling kit along with the Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar on a customer's vehicle. Here’s an inside look at the upgrades and the significant improvements they bring to off-road driving.


Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Ram 2500 1

The Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit

The Carli Backcountry leveling kit is renowned for its ability to transform the off-road capability of vehicles while maintaining a comfortable ride on-road. The kit we installed includes new, more comfortable riding springs for both the front and rear, specifically designed to enhance the vehicle's suspension system and provide a smoother ride across all terrains.

An integral component of this kit is the radius arm drop brackets. These brackets are crucial as they help maintain the correct caster angle, ensuring that the vehicle's steering remains stable and precise, regardless of the terrain it encounters. This is particularly important for off-road vehicles that need to maintain control and handling despite rugged landscapes.

Furthermore, the kit includes an adjustable track bar designed to center the axle. This ensures balanced driving dynamics and improves the overall handling and safety of the vehicle, especially when navigating uneven terrains where maintaining axle and wheel alignment is critical.

Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Ram 2500 2

Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar

To complement the leveling kit, we also installed the Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar. This upgrade is designed to reduce body roll, thereby enhancing the vehicle’s stability during sharp turns and over uneven surfaces. The torsion sway bar makes it easier for the vehicle to tackle various off-road conditions by improving the lateral stability, which is essential for safe and enjoyable off-roading.

Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Ram 2500 3

The Installation Process

Our team at Juggernaut USA handled the installation with meticulous care, ensuring that every component of the Carli Backcountry leveling kit and the torsion sway bar was perfectly aligned and calibrated for optimal performance. The process involved precise adjustments and testing to guarantee that the upgrades not only meet but exceed the expectations for off-road capabilities and on-road comfort.


Carli Backcountry Leveling Kit Ram 2500 4

The Outcome: A Superior Off-Road Experience

Post-installation, the vehicle now exhibits significantly improved handling, comfort, and stability, making it ideal for both adventure seekers and daily drivers who demand the best from their vehicles. The enhancements allow for a more controlled and responsive driving experience, providing the confidence to tackle any trail.


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